Tomoe-kai will hold the events below.

① Workshop of Japanese traditional culture

Date and Time:December 11, 2021 11:30-12:30
Venue: Terra Auditorium

<introduction by Tomoe-kai>
“This is the introductory part of the following performance on Jubilee stage. Especially for those who study Japanese traditional music and culture, it will be a good opportunity to see koto instrument and other Japanese culture at close range.”

② Traditional music and flower arrangement of Japan

Date and Time:December 11, 2021 17:45-18:45
Venue: Jubilee Stage

<introduction by Tomoe-kai>
“This workshop will be held soon after the performance on the Jubilee Stage.
Workshop on Japanese traditional flower arrangement: 19:00-20:00
Workshop on Koto instrument (music: "Sakura Sakura"): 20:00-21:00
The number of participants is limited.”

③ Japanese bride

Date and Time:December 11, 2021 20:30-21:00
Venue: Jubilee Stage

<introduction by Tomoe-kai>
“Kimono is a traditional Japanese style of clothing with a long history of over a thousand years. Enjoy the beauty and graceful expression of Kimono through this Japanese bride, presented by KAJIURA Waso in collaboration with Pilgrim.”

④ Yukata, a Japanese summer kimono

Date and Time:December 12, 2021 15:30-16:00/16:30-17:00/19:30-20:00
Venue: Sun Stage

<introduction by Tomoe-kai>
“A Yukata is an unlined cotton summer Kimono, worn in casual settings and an essential item of Japanese clothing for summer time and festivals. Enjoy this Yukata fashion show presented by KAJIURA Waso in collaboration with Pilgrim.”