Android is a mirror.
Music is a mirror.
It is a reflection of yourselves.
What is the boundary between existence and non-existence?
What is the boundary between past and future? And where do they exist?

In the center of the stage, the android Alter3 improvises and sings a text created by AI. It is surrounded by four monks singing Buddhist chants with a history of 1200 years and my piano and computer. Furthermore, a local orchestra from the UAE surrounds them in a circle to create a unified musical piece.

With the addition of giant lights reflecting off the androids and electronic sounds echoing throughout the venue, you will find this an experiment in creating a new model of harmony that never existed before.
Let's celebrate this new experience together.

Text by SHIBUYA Keiichiro

Live stream: Expo TV
*The live stream program may change

SHIBUYA Keiichiro

Musician. SHIBUYA graduated from the Department of Composition, Tokyo University of the Arts, and established the music label ATAK in 2002. He has produced a wide variety of works, ranging from electronic music to piano solo music, opera, film music, and sound installations. His major works include the humanless Vocaloid opera "The End" (2012) and the Android Opera "Scary Beauty" (2018). In 2020, he composed the music for the film “Midnight Swan”, which won the Mainichi Film Award for Best Music and the Japan Movie Critics Award for Best Film Music. In August 2021, he performed the world premiere of his opera “Super Angels” at the New National Theatre, Tokyo. Through his works, he has been questioning the boundary between humans and technology, life and death.

SHIBUYA Keiichiro

Alter 3(Supported by mixi, Inc.)

An android developed to explore the possibility of communication between humans and artificial life. Alter 3 was created in 2019 from a collaborative research project conducted by mixi Inc., a communication creation company, Professor Ishiguro’s laboratory at the Osaka University, a world-renowned laboratory for its android research, Professor Ikegami’s laboratory at the University of Tokyo, a pioneer in artificial life research, and Warner Music Japan Inc., which provides opportunities for the project’s practical experiments. Featuring a bare body with exposed machinery and a gender- and age-neutral face, Alter 3 was developed with the aim of evoking the human imagination and creating a sense of life never seen before.

Alter 3

Nanzan-Shinryu Shomyo

Nanzan-Shinryu Shomyo has a history of 1,200 years passed down in Mount Koya (Koyasan). FUJIWARA Eizen, who specializes in Shomyo and is also the chief priest of Rokkosan Jurinji Temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect, and his disciples has been carrying on the tradition of Shomyo. FUJIWARA learned Nanzan-Shinryu Shomyo from both NAKAGAWA Zenkyo, a master of Nanzan-Shinryu Shomyo, and NAKAGAWA’s disciple MIYAJIMA Kigyo, and after 25 years of training, he was conferred full mastership in 2003. He has been collaborating with musician SHIBUYA Keiichiro since 2017, and in 2019, they performed "Heavy Requiem" at Ars Electronica held in Linz, Austria.

Nanzan-Shinryu Shomyo

NSO Symphony Orchestra (UAE)

NSO comprises the NSO Symphony Orchestra, the NSO Chamber Orchestra, the NSO Symphonic Pops Orchestra, the NSO Opera & Chorus and the NSO Music Agency. With more than 100 musicians of about 20 nationalities, the orchestra has performed numerous symphonic and operatic works, as well as popular classics and musical theater pieces. In addition to performing concerts throughout the year, they also perform regularly at private, corporate, and government events. This will be their second collaboration with Keiichiro SHIBUYA since 2020, when they performed for SHIBUYA’s Android Opera "Scary Beauty" presented in Sharjah, UAE.


©ATAK     Photo by Sharjah Art Foundation