Japan Pavilion exhibition

A diverse range of Japanese content centered around the theme “Where ideas meet” is presented as an exciting exhibition utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Visitors will gain a sense of how new interactions can lead to a better future through exchange of ideas – as has been the case historically in Japan. Visitors will also be encouraged to post their own ideas and thoughts, paving the way for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai to be held in Japan.

Virtual Japan Pavilion

Expo 2020 Dubai Japan Pavilion Special Website

※Virtual Japan Pavilion websites closed by 31 March '22.

In addition to concept movies of the Japan Pavilion theme of “Where ideas meet”, users will be able to experience the Japan Pavilion online through various content comprising the Japan Pavilion and stories of its production. Communications will also have a live feel, with live updates from the venue will also posted.

JUNKAN -Where ideas meet-

※Virtual Japan Pavilion websites closed by 31 March '22.

This is an online platform for sharing ideas for solving the various issues facing the world as messages. It is possible to participate from the Japan Pavilion and through the special website. The collected ideas will inspire action, creating a new “cycle.”

Visitors from all over the world have shared their ideas on our virtual site.
More than 16,000 have been collected on our JUNKAN platform.
Those voices will now be connected to Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.


  • Scene 1Encountering Japan

    Japan has long lived in awe of and harmony with its unsparing natural environment. This exhibition introduces the “story of encounters”—comprised of the country’s unspoiled landscape, the sensibilities cultivated by its populace, and the cultural heritage that has been woven through its history. Immersive videos and spatial expressions will invite visitors to step inside this fascinating story.

    Exhibition Space 1
  • Scene 2Culture and history

    Culture in Japan has evolved in a unique way, incorporating outside knowledge and skills while maintaining its own distinct national identity. This scene looks back over Japanese history in an otherworldly visual space filled with floating mist.

    Exhibition Space 2
  • Scene 3Innovation

    Japanese innovation is not solely about high-end technology; instead, it has drawn inspiration from both nature and traditional culture. Explore modern Japan and its future through a series of cute, elaborate miniatures (mitate) using day-to-day objects.

    Exhibition Space 3
  • Scene 4Issues

    Economic growth and globalization have brought new challenges, both in Japan and in the world as a whole. Visitors will walk through an infinity mirror room which juxtaposes their own images with those depicting social and environmental challenges facing the world today.

    Exhibition Space 4
  • Scene 5Where ideas meet

    New ideas are born when people with different identities and perspectives meet; let us come together to create a better future. Experience the first step in a 360-degree theater integrating cutting-edge data technology with real-time generated graphic art.

    Exhibition Space 5
  • Scene 6Designing Future Society for Our Lives – Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai

    Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai will be held in Japan in 2025. The section will introduce how ideas, actions, and challenges of people from around the world can come together. Your ideas and messages will shape the next Expo.

    Exhibition Space 6


  • Attraction 1Once-only experience created from visitor activity

    Bespoke smartphones lent out to visitors will keep track of what they showed interest in, and the data will be used to create a finale specific to that day and time.

    Finale created by visitor activity logs
  • Attraction 2An immersive realm of mist

    Video projection in a space filled with cool, ultrafine mist will help visualize three-dimensional art in an immersive experience.

    An immersive realm of mist


Scene5 Film


Creative Director / Motion Designer

Scene6 Film

ITO Shuto

Planner / Director

Scene6 System Design
/ Virtual Experience

MORI Erika

Producer / Director

Sound AR System


Bascule Inc.
Technical Producer

Scene1 / 2 / 4 / 5 Film


Creative Director / Stage director

Scene1 / 2 / 5 MIST SYSTEM

OGATA Takeshi

Panasonic Corporation
Technical Director

Scene2 / 3 Sound Design

SATOH Tetsuya

Sony Marketing Inc.
Technical Director

Scene6 Film


Planner / Director


TANAKA Tatsuya


Scene5, 6 System Design
/ Virtual Experience


Producer / Planner

Exhibition Construction



Tanseisha started its business in Ueno, Tokyo, where the founder worked on interior decoration of department stores in lively postwar period. Since then, and up to the present, Tanseisha provides solutions for commercial spaces such as retail establishments, cultural spaces such as museums, exhibition and event spaces, and many more environments with foot traffic and/or gatherings, as professionals in creating spaces for imaginations to grow. From research, planning, design and construction, all the way to ICT-enhanced production and operation, we offer full support throughout the whole creative process.



Throughout our history of more than 100 years, Murayama has been through a lot with its customers.
Our company has experience in a wide range of areas, including exhibitions, commercial and amusement facilities, traditional ceremonies, international sporting events, theme parks, and pavilions of World Expos.
The tremendous knowledge and experience we have accumulated over time are wonderful assets, and give us special insight. Everyone at Murayama works hard to cultivate their individual sensibilities and uses their knowledge and experience to develop unique ideas. We will continue to work on our own initiatives and utilize our proven skills to create many more moving experiences for in our society and the world.

Virtual Japan Pavilion

1-10, Inc.

1-10, Inc.

1-10, Inc. is a creative company that realizes the near future. There are still issues to be solved in society such as DX, regional revitalization, inbound, and SDGs. We, 1 → 10, use the power of creativity and technology to quickly create a near future that makes everyone smile, and to reveal and solve the essence of social issues. To that end, we will contribute to the establishment of a sustainable company and society by providing and customizing unique content, solutions, and platforms, including focusing on XR and AI.

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