Japan Pavilion
logo and emblem

A gentle image of Japan,
formed by people joining hands

The triangles of various shapes and sizes in the four corners represent people opening both their hands and then joining hands with others to form a circle. This is a new Japanese shape that transcends race, age, and gender by bringing people together and sharing our feelings. The soft circle expresses the flexibility that matches the increasingly diverse Japan of the future, the ideas that emerge from refining and uniting our thoughts to achieve this future, and our expanded visions. It is our hope that this symbol can serve as a testament to the way people came together for one great purpose.



Yutaka Masuda

Yutaka Masuda

Art Director and Graphic Designer,
SUN-AD Co., Ltd.

Born in 1984 in Tokyo, Yutaka Masuda is a graduate of the Toyo Institute of Art and Design and first worked at an advertising production company before joining SUN-AD Company Limited in 2010. He is involved in all aspects of graphic design, from advertising to catalogues, packaging and corporate visual identity. A member of the Japan Graphic Design Association (JAGDA), his recent credits include the KUKAN BORN logo for Panasonic Corporation, the 40th-anniversary commemorative emblem for the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, and a newspaper advertisement for Kibun Foods Inc.

Comment by Yutaka Masuda

I am very grateful that such an important international event has opened the door to my generation and offered me this opportunity to contribute. It was long my dream one day to represent Japan in my work. When people come together, they intersect and express the future. I believe that my design can become a symbol of this. That my design is used for this occasion presents me with expectation for my next endeavors and I want to continue developing my work in order to contribute to the future through design.

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