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Kanjani Eight


Pop group

Kanjani Eight

A group that represents Johnny & Associates, Inc. All members are from Kansai and have brightness, a sense of humor, and musical talent. The total attendance of their concerts to date exceeds 10 million, and they are now holding their second 47-prefecture tour, the first such tour in 12 years. They will also be participating in the "70th NHK Kohaku Song Battle,” making 2019 their eighth consecutive year. The group also contributes to the development of Osaka tourism by acting as an Osaka tourism symbol character.

Expo 2020 Dubai is packed with many dreams and ideals for the future. In the very honorable role of Japan Pavilion PR ambassadors, we will do our best to accomplish what Kanjani Eight is capable of, along with what only Kanjani Eight can do, under the theme “Dubai to Osaka, Kansai.”

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