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UAE exchange students
Tokai University Takanawadai Junior & Senior High School

National Program Students

Tokai University Takanawadai Junior & Senior High School

UAE exchange students

(From left to right in the front row) Abdulla Alhosani, Abdulla Almansoori, and Khalifa Alsanadi
(From left to right in the back row) Abdulla Alshkheili and Rashed Alberi

Students educated at the Japanese Kindergarten and School of Abu Dhabi, UAE, as part of an educational initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

Comment from Mr. Abdulla Almansoori

I have always hoped to give something back to the UAE in return for my days spent at the Japanese School, as well as my experiences attending a Japanese high school and living in a dormitory, from which I have learned so much about Japan. As a PR ambassador for Japan pavilion, I will work hard to bring our two countries even closer together.

Comment from Mr. Abdulla Alhosani

I see Expo 2020 Dubai as a very important event for further development of the UAE. Learning from His Excellency Khaled Alameri, the UAE Ambassador to Japan whom I respect a lot, I aim to put all of my experiences and learning in Japanese environment to contribute in the fast progress of the UAE.

Comment from Mr. Rashed Alebri

In Japan, the UAE is typically thought of as an oil-producing country. It is my hope that both nations will come to know more about each other’s wonderful humanity and culture values, and I am eager to help foster a stronger mutual relationship founded on greater cultural understanding.

Comment from Mr. Abdulla Alshkheili

I have a great interest in Japan’s construction and civil engineering technologies, especially its superb techniques for mitigating natural disasters such as earthquakes. Through the opportunity provided by the Expo 2020 Dubai, I hope to contribute in introducing the architectural technology of Japan to the people of the UAE.

Comment from Khalifa Alsanadi

Taking the important responsibility given by my respected senior students, I will do my best with all my heart to meet the expectations.

Comments from His Excellency Shihab Alfaheem, Ambassador of UAE to Japan

UAE's participation in EXPO started in 1970 Osaka EXPO, when Abu Dhabi participated. We are glad that 50 years later, the whole world is coming to the UAE for EXPO 2020. This is a significant story and will continue with the return of the whole world back to Osaka in EXPO 2025. The relationship of UAE and Japan will be enriched further with the UAE student Ambassadors and with the EXPO 2020 coming immediately after the Tokyo Olympics. Japan and the UAE have a huge responsibility to send a message of hope with the success of both Olympics and EXPO.

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